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Tonight, I find myself sitting here in a poorly lit office. I am sitting here in the now, the present time. I need to stay walking on this razor's edge of the present time. When I started this all, I sat in a shed not wanting to do anything more, than seek out others that felt like me. To connect in a way that gave hope to someone, tonight, that hope is what I need.

When I started out on my journey to healing, I never thought my journey would have brought me here, to this point in life. Spread Hope Like Fire is not mine, it is something the world needs, hope. That one word can move mountains because all it takes is hope and a thought. This thought is something I hope to make such a great impact with this nonprofit because childhood trauma affects a person the rest of their life, if they don't learn there is hope in treatment. We are in the thick of phase one of launch, which is reaching out to you, our audience and in the planning of phase two of the nonprofit which is implementing low to no cost services and outreach programs to youth.

If you have not heard my story, tune into the podcast, I had a rough start, I’m a broken adult that thrives on helping as many people not feel this awful feeling, I feel most days. I have PTSD and I’m still learning how to cope with this beast. Life to me seems very strange from my perspective, at times I feel I don’t fit in, I feel unworthy, I feel defeated, but there is this thought that keeps pushing me towards you. I started this all to seek you all out and let you know that life is okay on the other side of life, the side of happiness and mental healthiness. The first step is the hardest, but if I never took it, I’d not be sitting here writing to urge others to seek out treatment. I'm still working on myself and learning how to cope with this new PTSD me. The one where sometimes the world just doesn't seem real to me. That's where we change the landscape of mental health together.

I cannot do this alone anymore! I swear, I need help! I need all of us to join together as we can only be heard if we make them hear us. We are together spreading hope and within that hope, lives can be changed. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to make this a massive movement but if I don’t have you with me, I have nothing.

Stay Humble & Take Care of Those You Love

Anthony Garcia

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